NCPD is an organization dedicated in creating enabling environment and opportunities for capacity building, networking, and collaboration whereby philanthropy and civil society organizations will grow.

It conducts research, training, conferences, seminars, workshops related to philanthropy, civil society organizations, fundraising, and communication including other relevant topics. It also provides technical support in developing a strategic plan, conduct dialogue to make the philanthropy and civil society organization more efficient and effective. Importantly, it advocates for favourable policies and infrastructure that fosters philanthropy in Nepal.

NCPD's ultimate goal is to support enhancing the capacity, credibility, impact, and sustainability of philanthropy and civil society organizations.



An enabling environment where philanthropy is impactful and sustainable and corporations and individuals are jointly engaged to serve the people and communities. 


Carry out research, capacity building, networking and dialogue whereby enabling environment is created and individuals, corporations and governments are engaged in advancing philanthropy in terms of capacity, credibility, connections, and sustainability.   


To enhance the capacity, credibility, and sustainability of philanthropy. 


  • Conduct and organize  research, training, conferences, seminars, workshops related to philanthropy, fundraising and communication, and branding ;
  • Conduct dialogue for enabling environment whereby philanthropy fosters;
  • Work with donors, advisors, financial institutions, corporations and foundations and advise and encourage for giving;
  • Facilitate network and collaboration with likeminded philanthropies, fundraisers, funders and nonprofit organizations. 
  • Facilitate strategy plan development and provide technical support to philanthropy, NGOs/CSOs for fundraising.
  • Support philanthropy/civil society organization to uphold integrity, transparency, accountability and professionalism. 
  • Praise and honour ideal and unsung philanthropists.